Ocean Saver drops Anti-Bac - Ocean Mist

Ocean Saver drops Anti-Bac - Ocean Mist

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At last! An anti-bacterial alternative to conventional cleaners.

Biodegradable, plant-based, eco-friendly and proven to destroy 99.9% of bacteria, Ocean Savers Anti-bac EcoDrop™ creates a powerful antibacterial spray that will give great results from the kitchen to the bathroom and beyond. It’s even got the Good Housekeeping tick of approval.

Developed to ensure you can successfully remove daily dirt and grime, leaving surfaces squeaky clean. It’s ideal for use where food is prepared, in fridges, and on high-chairs, toilets and bins.

How does it work? 

Simply drop your antibacterial ocean saver into an empty bottle, fill with water and shake to create a new, ready to use antibacterial spray that is environmentally friendly.

Easy peasy!