About TUB

Hi, we are Emma & Nell and we are Tub!

We started Tub so that we and other people locally could have access to a more sustainable way of shopping. We got tired of watching endless amounts of single-use plastic pile up in our bins and we both wanted a new and rewarding challenge.

We’re united in our passion to not just cut down on our own plastic usage but to give our local community the opportunity to shop in a circular way. Tub isn’t just about sustainable retail, it’s about creating conversations with our customers, neighbours and friends.

 Tub’s main aim is to make it easier to reduce your plastic waste, so we hunt for useful products that come without plastic wrapping or in a circular supply, where containers are collected and reused by our suppliers. We find that the companies who are thoughtful about what they deliver their products in tend to care about other things too: sourcing ethical ingredients, avoiding animal cruelty, paying workers fairly, for instance, and it’s great  to work with like-minded businesses. And we try to support local makers and manufacturers too.

Plastic is a bit of a wonder material. It’s versatile, clean and cheap to make. And it lasts a long, long time. But unfortunately, 50% of all plastic produced is thrown away after the first use, and that’s a lot of plastic just sticking around, in landfill or dumped in the oceans. We know this – public awareness of the plastic problem has grown and grown and now it’s all over the TV and the papers – but that throwaway plastic is just so damn convenient and often it feels hard to avoid it.

Recycling alone will not deal with the amount of plastic waste we humans produce on a global scale, so what can we, as individuals, do? Well, it isn’t all doom and gloom! We can reduce the amount of plastic we use and reuse the plastic we already own – and that’s where services like Tub’s come in. We’d like everyone to have access to local, plastic-free alternatives and a more sustainable way of shopping, in town or further afield. We know this by itself won’t save the world, but it’s something we thought we could do, to make a small but positive difference. Come and join us!