Coffee Club: September

Join our Coffee Club!

Because of the shorter shelf life of coffee (and Earl Grey tea), we're trialling a pre-order system so that we can buy in bulk without compromising on flavour. Our next 'coffee run' will be at the end of the month, if we get enough pre-orders. In the meantime, we do have a few 'tasters' of each coffee available online, just to try.

Place your Coffee Club order by 25 September, for delivery the following week, by emailing or message Tub on Facebook

Choose from: 

  • Decaff (beans or ground)  £2.40/100g
  • Colombia (beans or ground)  £2.20/100g
  • Artisan Espresso (beans or ground)  £1.60/100g
  • Earl Grey Blue Lady (lighter and more fragrant than traditional Earl Grey)  £2.50/100g

    The coffee comes from Butterworth & Son in Bury St Edmunds, where an enthusiastic team ethically source and roast beans from around the world. And they're keen to support us in developing a circular supply. We hope this will grow to enable us to have coffee as a regular item online - how about it, coffee lovers?