What about Covid-19?
All our bottles and jars are sterilised between uses with hot water and/or Milton fluid. When we’re delivering, we sanitise hands between customers and wear masks when outside the vehicle. If you’re shielding or self-isolating, just let us know and we’ll make sure your delivery is completely contact-free.

What if I’m out when you deliver?
You don’t have to stay in for a delivery. We can leave glass bottles/jars on the doorstep or you can let us know if there’s a safe place you’d like us to leave your order.

Can I share an order with a friend?
Of course – we love any order-sharing that cuts down on delivery emissions. If you have any good ideas for collection hubs or village delivery days, do get in touch.

What about the environmental impact of your deliveries?
We deliver so that we can provide an easy way of shopping without plastic, but we are conscious of the impact of driving around. We use an electric vehicle when we can, we try to organise deliveries into nearby groups, and it’s great if neighbours get together to order. In future we’d like to organise regular collection points and one day to grow into an electric van.

I live outside your postcode area – can I still have a delivery?
We’ll help if we can. If you’re fairly local, do ask: hello@tub-refillables.co.uk

Can I order by post?
Sorry, we just do local deliveries at the moment.

Can I click and collect?
Not at the moment, but we might in future. If you think this would be an interesting option, please drop us an email and we’ll keep you in mind.

Are all your products vegan and cruelty free? What about organic?
Everything we currently stock is vegan-friendly (and we'll flag anything that isn't). We choose suppliers who are thoughtful about their ingredients and manufacturing processes - more information can usually be found on suppliers' websites but do ask us if you have a particular question or concern. Not everything is organic, so do check the individual product listings.

Are you completely zero waste?
Being completely plastic free/zero waste is really difficult – it’s a journey, making small changes along the way. We’re doing what we can to make it easier to shop without making waste by buying in bulk, so there’s less wrapping. The drums our cleaning products come in are plastic but they go back to the supplier to be reused. When we can’t find a totally circular supply, we try to choose suppliers who also care about reducing waste and products that are wrapped in paper or biodegradable alternatives to plastic like Natureflex.

Our bottles (glass or aluminium) are 100% recyclable – but of course we like it best if you return them to us to reuse! We also try to use existing jars (with new lids) and secondhand cardboard boxes to pack our products in. All our paper bags are recycled and recyclable.

I want to buy local – where do your products come from?
Everything we stock is sourced from the UK and we choose the nearest supplier whenever we can. If you are a local maker who would like to discuss us stocking your product, drop us an email: hello@tub-refillables.co.uk

Can I buy in bulk?
Great idea! We can supply 5l containers of most things, which we would swap for full ones when emptied. Please contact us if you're interested in buying in larger quantities: hello@tub-refillables.co.uk

How do I get my bottle deposit back?
It’s no problem if you want to stop ordering from us and get your £5 back. Just tell us and we’ll let you know when we can collect your clean, empty bottles and refund your deposit.

What if I want a product that’s not on your website?
We’re always on the lookout for useful products and we’d love to have your suggestions and recommendations. Do get in touch: hello@tub-refillables.co.uk

I have an allergy – is it safe to buy from you?
At the moment we stock just a few food products and the only risk of contamination is between the gummy sweets (which contain gluten) and the fizzies (which are gluten free). We do our best to keep these two separate, in dedicated containers, and to pack the gluten-free product first. Though the risk is very small, they are packed up in the same environment so we can’t completely guarantee that the gluten-free sweets have not come into contact with gluten.

Allergens are flagged in the product descriptions; for instance, customers with a citrus allergy should avoid citric acid.