How it works

We will be popping up and doing our market slots for most of the summer - please look out for locations on social media. Or you can subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep up you up to date with pop-up dates, locations and offers.

We'll be delivering our cleaning refills and other plastic-free items to Saffron Walden and surrounding villages once a week through the summer. Place your order by midnight on Sunday for delivery on Mondays. There’s a minimum order of £10 (excluding deposit). Advance warning: we'll be taking a two-week break from 22 August, so do fill up before then!

If this is your first order and you're buying liquids, you’ll need to add the bottle deposit just once to your basket, to cover the bottles you’ll use. (This one-off charge is refundable if at any point you decide you no longer want to shop with us and return your bottles.)

If you’re a regular, just choose your items and checkout as usual.

Rinse and return: please help us stay circular by decanting from our bottles and returning them so that we can reuse them. You can get in touch any time to request a pick up and/or leave them in an obvious spot when we deliver. We’re happy to leave your order if you won’t be in - just let us know if you want it left somewhere in particular and leave a box for us to put it in if you like. 

That’s it! Easy, huh?

We may make changes to this system if a better way of working or a particular need presents itself – your feedback will be very useful as we develop our delivery system, so if you have any thoughts on what works well (or doesn’t) or have ideas for collection points/group drop-offs, do get in touch:

As with all cleaning products, please take care to keep ours away from small children and pets.