Olive oil

Olive oil

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We stock zero-waste olive oil from Aeithalis, who produce extra virgin olive oil from their groves in Southern Greece.

Why Aeithalis?

* Olives are hand harvested, meaning nesting birds are not harmed or killed.

 * Chemical free. Their olive trees are watered naturally and not treated with chemicals or hormones.

* Sustainably farmed. Aeithalis believe that a healthy ecosystem makes better olive oil.

*  Aeithalis supply us with olive oil in a circular service, just like we do for you! Less packaging, less waste.

* It tastes awesome! 

At the moment, we are providing olive oil in our usual bottles (not ones that have ever had cleaning products in), but hope to have olive oil bottles to buy very soon. 

Why is this olive oil labelled as ‘ garlic-infused’?

In the UK it is illegal to sell extra virgin olive oil on tap. So a tiny trace amount of garlic is infused into the olive oil, so that we can legally decant it for our customers.

This does not affect the taste or smell of the oil.