Loofah slice

Loofah slice

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The loofah plant is a sort of tropical cucumber, with fruit that, when fully ripe, is very hard and fibrous. These natural slices are completely compostable.

What can I use my loofah slice for?

  • a soap holder: rest your soap (or shampoo or shaving bar) on a loofah slice and it will keep dry and last longer. 
  • an exfoliating pad: use it to slough off dead skin in the shower.
  • a kitchen scrubber: great for dirty pans, it’s naturally abrasive but won’t scratch non-stick surfaces.

Squeeze excess water from the loofah slice and leave to dry out. Regularly sanitise your loofah by boiling it for 5 min or put it in the washing machine. When it starts to fall apart, you can compost it.