Natural pumice stone

Natural pumice stone

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Pumice stone is a perfect all-natural product for exfoliating and removing calluses and dead skin. It's most commonly used for removing calluses on feet, but many people swear by pumice as a great general exfoliant that leaves their skin soft, fresh and tingling.

How to use

Pumice should be used on wet skin, preferably soaked for some time in warm water. After thoroughly wetting the stone in soapy water, rub it over an area where you want to remove callus and dead skin.

For general exfoliating, rub the stone over your body with lighter pressure. Rinse and pat your skin dry, and then apply a body lotion or oil.

Make sure to use your pumice stone gently. 

How to look after your pumice stone

  • Rinse your pumice stone thoroughly after use and hang it up to dry.

  • When the pores of the stone get clogged clean it with a small brush, like an old toothbrush.

  • Deep clean your stone every month or so be boiling the stone in water for five minutes.