Plastic Phobia bamboo toothbrush
Plastic Phobia bamboo toothbrush

Plastic Phobia bamboo toothbrush

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An easy swap for the plastic version!

The handle is made from ethically sourced bamboo, sustainable and biodegradable. The bamboo is organically grown in Fujian, China; Plastic Phobia take care to make sure working conditions are good and the supply chain is as plastic-free as possible.

We’ve yet to find a toothbrush that doesn’t have nylon bristles, unfortunately, they seem to be a necessary evil. So at the end of the toothbrush’s life, the handle can be composted but the bristles should go in the bin.

To keep your toothbrush going for longer, avoid leaving it in the wet and make sure it can dry off after use. Check out our toothbrush holders - individual and family size - to help with this. 

Adult toothbrushes are available with medium or soft bristles.


Dimensions: 18.7cm long